Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sand, Sea and Sunshine

What could be better?  How lucky are we?

Just a few words ……………….. pictures say it so much better:-

Worms Head Gower 001 (640x480)

Rhossilli Bay.  So crowded??????

Worms Head Gower 003 (640x480)

Worms Head – I was chuffed to see a pair of choughs here!  (Birds like crows but they have red beaks and red legs and are quite rare.  I tried to take a photo but I only had my humble little camera with me and it couldn’t cope!  I may return …..)

Worms Head Gower 013 (640x480)

This one’s for you, Del Boy – Volunteer coastal watchers.  Your Welsh colleagues are, as you do at Cape Cornwall -  working hard, drinking coffee, eating biscuits, having a laugh and watching the girls ships go by!!

G1 009 (640x480)

Lola - not phased by the waves!  Salt water can only do it good!

G1 012 (640x480)

Waiting patiently whilst mum has ‘done a bunk’!

JG1 028 (640x480)

15 days today since major surgery.  That leg is a ‘Peaky Blinder’ haircut!  Because her leg is pinned SHE thinks she’s now recovered so it’s quite hard trying to keep her calm.  She’s just as quick on 3 legs as 4!!

JG1 016 (640x480)


G1 013 (640x480)


JG1 017 (640x480)


JG1 021

Raven or Crow?  Please help settle a dispute ………  Seen at Oxwich Bay Nature Reserve.

Invigorating the soul and replenishing the spirit.  Yes, how lucky are we?  xxoo


  1. It looks wonderful and Lola is looking soooooo much better. xxxx

    1. She's getting better by the day, difficult to keep her calm, she just wants to be normal again. For normal read loopy!

  2. Fab pics of the bay and reflected sun. Lola is looking good (John looks OK)

    1. Lola is doing really well considering 3 weeks ago she was still "Whole". Hard sand & salt water is doing her good.
      OK.....G thanks, best compliment I have for ages.