Friday, 11 June 2010

A Moment Back in Time

The following picture was forwarded to us by Denise (aged 80!!) who was on board n/b 'Galatea' when we went out on the Tidal Thames.  I think it proves that there were indeed some 'buttock-clenching moments' because photographs, as a rule, do not lie.  I'm so glad I stayed at the back with the Skipper!

Today we have stayed at Berkhamstead.  Rodney has gone up to his own boat for a few days and came via Berkhamstead just so he could deliver my sewing machine to me!  No excuses now - I can make a start on making new curtains just as long as I can negotiate the use of extra amps!!!!!


  1. nice and scary pic. What's with the big gap between the two posts? Have you put something there I can't see? I can see up to you negotiating for extra amps!!!! You know what you have to do don't you... and it isn't anywhere near his birthday xxxx

  2. We don't 'do' birthday presents ............. or any other presents come to that!!!!!