Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Take it All Back

Shortly after posting the last entry we met the lovely Dave and Jenny Roberts and their little dog, Daisy.  They were moored up just behind us in Cassiobury Park.  We got chatting, decided to work through some locks together and ........... after several evenings, the 'odd' bottle of wine and lots of laughing ............. we are still together!  They have lived on board their lovely boat 'Sweet Dream' for eight years now but they have a permanent mooring just outside of Hertford.  It sounds idyllic. We would have passed it without knowing.  The signwriting on the boat  is very creative albeit a little risky for some!  Look carefully!

They have Daisy whom they sort of rescued/adopted when they were at Little Venice.  They think she is a mixture of all sorts - a true Heinz 57!  DO NOT BE DECEIVED!  She may be little but she has the courage of a lion and the tenacity of a bear!  She will 'take on' any other dog no matter how big!!  I have nick-named her 'Daisy Danger Mouse'.
She is absolutely lovely and very lucky that Dave and Jenny came along when they did.  She and Maisie are getting on well together - lots of crazy chasing about.


I have had my first encounter with a retail outlet called 'Dunelm Mill'.  BIG shop selling loads of things at really good prices.  (At the end of Apsley High Street, not far from Sainsburys   - sorry chaps but we girls need to know these things!)  They also had a sale on!  I have never before seen so many ready-made curtains, fabrics, bedding, throws, blinds etc etc under one roof!  They also sell, kitchenware, some items of furniture, crockery, rugs, china, dried flowers, ornaments - it would be easier to say what they don't sell!
Well, you have to make the most of opportunities when they arise now don't you?  !!!!!  
Suffice it to say that we came out of that shop quite a bit poorer than when we went in!!  BUT they are all things we needed and intended to replace at some point soon.  I had made up my mind to replace the saloon curtains this winter - I now have the fabric on board, just not the sewing machine!!

Over the last few days we have been having some rain which is a good thing really - not sure the dogs would agree needing to be dried off all the time but they enjoy paddling and playing 'the stick game'.  Even Maisie has now bought in to this - she used to think it was stupid and a complete waste of time!

Rain or not we will be moving on to Berkhamstead tomorrow.


  1. Is the cage on the top of the boat in case things get a bit frisky?

  2. Derrrrrr..... they're cricket nets, things don't get frisky on or near this boat! (Mores the pity.)You should know that.XXXX

  3. There is a nice Dunhelm mills in Rugby in case you need more stuff. I will be paying that one a visit during the stretch!!!!!!!!111