Thursday, 17 June 2010

Not a Cloud in the Sky

As you can see ...............
In the past, for holidays, we paid about £1,000 a week to hire a boat hoping for weather like this in a rural situation like this.  Today I've needed to pinch myself because this is not a holiday - this is now our daily life!
In the winter when it gets dark at 4p.m., the weather is freezing cold and the windows of the boat are streaming with condensation ............... I will remind myself of this moment and why we are doing what we are!

This morning we watched HUGE carp splashing about right beside  the boat.  It makes more sense of the pictorial sign I saw further along the tow path.  Not only are our Eastern European friends partial to carp but they are very good at catching them.

This fisherman also proved himself to be extremely skillful.  
He did appear to have have his eye on those carp!

We are now just on the outskirts of Aylesbury and the Aylesbury Arm is as peaceful and pretty as we have been told by other boaters.

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