Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Oot & Aboot

In the distance you can see ................ Wendover Woods.  Only six miles from where we were moored at Bulbourne!  So, who's 'bright' idea was it to cycle there?  Up hill all the way!  Well it would be wouldn't it because it's in the Chiltern Hills!!  Never have I earned lunch more!

This was Maisie's second cycling experience .......... resigned but not exactly happy!

After lunch we went for a three mile walk in the woods and it was the best woodland walk I think we have ever done.  (Just as well after all the effort!)  We didn't follow The Yellow Brick Road ... we followed the Purple Footprint!   A  Forestry Commission site and very well organised.

We have now turned onto the Aylesbury Arm and it is truly rural (apart from the last mile into the centre of Aylesbury).  We are surrounded by fields again - no major roads, no railway and definitely not under a flight path.  This is new territory for us.  We wanted to find a good bit of bank so that John can continue with his programme of renovating the window cills which have been badly damaged by condensation in the winter.  Two down and ....... six to go!!

Near our mooring is the lovely little village of Wilstone - just on the outskirts of Aylesbury.  A little taster ...........................

Thatched cottage:-
Number 8 or 9 ..... either would
be lovely.

               Rather more substantial!
Lovely old pub - sadly it wasn't open when we arrived.

I like to have flowers on our boat ........ you might not have noticed!!  I AM NOT ALONE!!
I saw this -

The answer was an emphatic "NO" !!
Miserable or what!!


  1. Why not they look lovely! Take no notice of him I assume they are the growbag sort of thing. I can get them for you for next year if you like I am sure Van Hages (there's a name to put fear in John's heart) sell them!

  2. I think Maisie is reconsidering filing for adoption... not looking impressed with the mode of land transport!