Tuesday, 15 May 2012

As far as boats can go …….

Yesterday, we reached the end of the navigation and we had company!  Another boat had moored up by us on Sunday night so we did the last stretch together and it made it so much easier for all of us! Everyone we have met agrees that the locks are SO physically hard to operate.
the basin 004 (800x600)            the basin 005 (800x600)
The area around Shipley and Eastwood Locks was especially pretty……….
the basin 008 (800x600)            the basin 006 (800x600)
We have been wrongly thinking that we we going to Langley Mill but actually, the Langley Mill Basin, which was the original terminus of the Erewash Canal, no longer exists – it was built over years ago.  The limit of navigation today is the Great Northern Basin which is in fact the former terminus basin of the Nottingham canal which joined the Cromford canal here.  The basin itself is now used for private mooring and is called The Great Northern Basin as a result of the Nottingham canal once being owned by the Great Northern Railway.  Visiting boaters can moor above Langley Bridge Lock on a short restored section of the Cromford canal.
the basin 010 (800x600)    the basin 014 (800x600)      the basin 015 (600x800)
When we arrived at the basin we were greeted by yet another boat and then, later in the day, two others turned up!!  It’s only a little basin so mooring was a juggle!!  We are moored up opposite a former toll house.
001 (800x600)            the basin 016 (800x600)
Anyway, this is where we will stay for a while as Maisie May Allebone is to be re-united with us this afternoon and then Megan is going to stay for a couple of days.  The forecast for today is …………… more rain!  Might as well go to Asda then!!


  1. Asda, ASDA? God Mrs A you know how to live. Really pushing the boat out (sorry about the pun!)
    Give our love to Megan Kerry May

  2. It was that or Lidl! Asda - good wine selection and good prices! Hope all is well with you. Have given your love to Megan Carrie May!!