Thursday, 10 May 2012

Into the Unknown ….

This is all new territory for us.

Today we have enjoyed very clean water and, certainly at the moment, plenty of it.  It’s so nice not to be scraping the bottom all the time!

Erewash 013 (800x600)            Erewash 024 (800x600)

I was pre-warned that the double locks are hard work – some of the paddles are very stiff to wind up and the gates are very heavy.  Ground paddles and top gate paddles are fitted with locking devices to prevent abuse but some of the threads are stripped so need to be either replaced or repaired.

It’s not often that you come across a kind, strong, cheerful, handsome(!) cyclist who is only too happy to help.

Erewash 008 (800x600)            Erewash 027 (600x800)           

Location, Location, Location

Available for seasonal, short-term occupancy:-

A desirable 1st storey, canal-side bedsit.  Solid construction and panoramic view. 

Partners allowed to visit.

Erewash 001

Boat traffic today has been very light – we have only seen three other boats on the move.  The excellent tow path, however, (which is part of the 30 mile Erewash Valley Trail) has been swamped with serious cyclists and cyclists more like us (!),  ramblers, walkers with dogs, walkers without dogs,  power walkers with wiggles, joggers in lycra and plodders in tee-shirts.  Everyone has been really friendly.  Going through Sandiacre Lock we collected quite an audience.

Erewash 032 (800x600)


One of the chaps accused John of “having the easy job.”  John was ready with his reply – “No.  I  just make it look easy!”

Such arrogance but it did make the chap laugh.Erewash 033 (800x600)


                     We have already passed lots of evidence of this area’s interesting industrial past.

              Such fabulous old architecture.  On the Geo map this is marked as being Springfield Mill.

P.S.  The expensive coal we bought is proving to be very economical actually.  It’s burning very hot and very slowly so, Derek my little cup cake,………. I think we can make 2 nuggets last a whole evening!  xxoo


  1. I think, like the river waters, you're getting a little bit fresh - handsome cyclists, lycra AND cup cakes! Settle petal

    1. "Well Fresh"..........that could catch on.
      "Settle Petal" much kinder than "Simmer with ya Zimmer"!