Thursday, 24 May 2012


We are not city-lovers but, on probably the hottest day of the year so far, we decided that we couldn’t go straight through Nottingham – we ought to stop for at least a bit of a look-around.  For those committed to the exploration of a city (and not having to worrynottingham1 023 (600x800) about two little dogs) Nottingham seems to have a lot to offer.  It’s a big place!  We moored up just past Castle Marina where there are lots of mooring rings.  We thought we would at least go to see the castle and imagined that we would be able to sit innottingham1 022 (800x600) the shade with the dogs inside the castle walls.  Wrong!  To get into the castle and the grounds it’s full-on tourist stuff.  We were able to walk by some of the man-made caves in Castle Rock that were used by about 20 families for storage.  Apparently they were also very good air-raid shelters during the war.  Also built into the cliff face below the castle is a pub called“Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem”.  It claims to be the oldest pub in England.  We paid our respects to the somewhat unflattering statue of Robin Hood.  As a little and not-so-little girl I have watched and enjoyed all the TV programmes and films based on the legend of good old Robin.  Richard Greene, Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner – even the rather skinny Jonas Armstrong … have all had my faithful support.

nottingham1 027 (600x800)

We decided to treat ourselves to lunch so we went to a bar/restaurant housed in an old warehouse once owned by Fellows, Morton & Clayton.  Over-looking the canal here are several bars and restaurants and they were all busy with customers.  The FMC was heaving too and I’m pretty certain that wnottingham1 028 (800x600)e were the only two over the age of about 30!!  John went off to order some food.  Eventually, with the help of a young waitress with bright pink hair (nothing wrong with that but it is a somewhat noticeable feature!) John managed to organise some lunch.  He was given a little gadget and was told that when it buzzed it would mean that our food was ready for collection.  We waited …… and waited …………and waited ……….well, they were busy but, at last, the little machine beeped!  Off went John in excited anticipation of getting his lunch.  A few minutes later he returned empty handed!  “It’s no good it just beeping”, he had been told, “it has to vibrate and flash as well!”.  All this just for burgers and chips which ………….. we did get soon afterwards and they were very nice!  We have only just grown accustomed to the numbered wooden spoon!

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