Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Heading North

Yesterday was sunny all day so we went for a long cycle ride to the Attenborough Nature Reserve.  What a lovely reserve.  You can cycle, walk the dog (even off a lead if you wish), go in hides, visit the cafe and buy ‘stuff’ from the shop.  We did it all!  The tow path alongside the river is brilliant.  Although we saw no boats moving on the river it all looked very calm so:Shardlow to Trent Lock 003 (800x600)-

Today, at long last, we have made it onto the Erewash.  When you come out of Derwent Lock and leave the relative confines of the T&M canal behind, the expanse of the river seems vast in comparison.   

We stopped off at Sawley Marina to get some more coal.  It’s MAY and there shouldn’t still be the need to have fires but there-you-are!  The price of coal!!  We had to pay more than ever before AND they were smaller bags!  Rip off Britain strikes again!  We obviously need some lessons in how to make three nuggets last all evening!  I know just who to ask!  There might even be a badge involved!

Shardlow to Trent Lock 009 (600x800)

Anyway, the next challenge was to get through Sawley locks without making too much of a fool of myself.  The locks are now mechanised and boaters themselves have to operate them.  Oh, help!  I AM SUCH A TECHNAPHOBE!  If there’s a wrong way to do something mechanical – I will!  If it’s possible to mess it up – I will!  AND I had gongoozlers to contend with.  The first obstacle was to put the key in the right lock!  In fairness the instructions were idiot proof but, when it comes to anything mechanical, I am such an idiot!  In the end, this time at least, it was all very easy.Shardlow to Trent Lock 017 (800x600)

So, on into the Erewash.  It was a bit tricky turning off the river against the current but we were the only boat on the move so at least we didn’t have to worry about anyone else.  We’ve had mixed reports about the Erewash so we’ve come to find out for ourselves.


We wanted to moor on the Trent Lock Visitor moorings but others were/are hogging it so there was no room left for us.

Shardlow to Trent Lock 021 (600x800)      Shardlow to Trent Lock 020 (600x800)      Shardlow to Trent Lock 006 (800x600)

                         Sometimes B. W. never fail to amaze me!                          And, what is this all about?  So whose NOT allowed in then?

We are now moored just behind the ‘landscaping’ barge.  Apparently it’s all loaded up ready for an early start tomorrow!  We will see.

Entering Trent Lock we discovered that, back at Sawley Marina, we should have purchased a special Erewash key.

Shardlow to Trent Lock 019 (800x600)

Now, we have a B.W. key, a Nene key, a Middle Levels key, an anti-vandal key but not an Erewash key!

So, back to Sawley marina then.  I hope the price of their conservation keys is more favourable than the price of their coal!

And now?  It’s raining!  If the last couple of weeks is repeated weather-wise we could be on here for some time!  One chap told me that a week ago the river was 6 feet higher than it is today; another chap told me the river was 3 feet higher.  I suppose I’d best settle for 4'6 ins!


  1. Water conservation key = anti-vandal key !

    (round end with square hole in end)

    1. Thanks Alf - you've saved us some money! John's been up to test it out and you are right, Bingo! On our way.

  2. NB posted at 18.15 NOT 10.15 as shown !!

    1. Yes, my posting time is wrong as well. The clock on our computer is correct, any idea what I can do about it?

    2. This seems to be a long standing bug affected embedded comments. They're all on Pacific Time! It's been reported to blogger by many people, but they haven't done anything about it yet.

    3. Oh! Thanks for that Alf, not just our problem then!

  3. 4'6"? You be careful. Its higher than you!!!