Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pushing the Boundaries

Whilst Megan has been with us we have made both good use of her car and of her as a chauffeur! 
We have been exploring the area of Derbyshire in and around Cromford.  We have walked most of the Cromford Canal between Cromford Wharf and Ambergate as well as part of the High Peak Trail around Black Rocks.  If the Cromford Canal was still navigable I feel sure it would be enormously popular with boaters because it goes through an area of both stunning scenery and interesting industrial history.
I’ve heard it said that a picture paints a thousand words so:-

A Walk along The Cromford Canal and part of the High Peak Trail:-

The Canal:-
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Lots of wild garlic. 
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              Canal, railway, road and river all following the same route. 

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High Peak Junction
Cromford Canal Wark 001
The canal is a stronghold for Little Grebes.
Cromford Canal Wark 005 (800x600)
Walking along the canal towards Ambergate.

Cromford Canal Wark 022 (800x600)
Water voles are well-established on the canal.

Cromford Canal Wark 012 (600x800)

An old Pumping Station - still in use today.  Water is pumped up into the canal from the River Derwent.

And up to Black Rocks:-

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Views of Cromford  nearby and Matlock in the distance.
  John, myself and the rest of the then 5th Staines Venture Unit were all banned from Matlock back in 1974!  We were most definitely not in the wrong but, none of us to my knowledge have ever been back since!
      basinagain 013 (600x800)
basinagain 021 (800x600)A steep path goes up through the forest to Black Rocks.
The path follows the route of an old tramway which went down to the Junction.  There are lots of other walks through the forest too.

Black (Gritstone) Rocks – very popular with climbers.  There are lots of different climbs – all with interesting names.  Lead used to be mined from here.  Quarrying is still very active and very much in evidence.

All of this is very much on the Derbyshire Tourist Trail.  Beautiful countryside not far from Langley Mill – I’m so glad we were able to access some of it whilst we were here.


  1. WE in the Friends of Cromford Canal would wholeheartedly agrree with your comments. Why not join us if you have not already? Check us out at

  2. More lovely pics you two. I really like the look of this, great walking!!

  3. Strangely enough - as we were walking we thought of you two and the girlies and thought it's an area you would all enjoy xxoo Mind you, those ratties are special - not for JR's to savage!!