Friday, 14 September 2012

Creatures of Habit

Since last weekend we have had our habitual stop-over in Penkridge, treated ourselves to the habitual Chinese take-away and had an habitual visit to the market.

We stopped off at Gailey which we habitually do whenever on the Staffs & Worcester and are now on the Shroppie at ‘Ken’s’ mooring just outside of Brewood – he and ‘Our Lucy’ know all the best spots!

As we were preparing to turn into Autherley Junction we witnessed a major collision.  A hire boat was just joining the Staffs & Worcester off the Shroppie and was hit broadside by a big old working boat whose reverse gear chose that moment to pack up!  To be fair there wasn’t much the skipper could do but the result was that there is now a ‘Yellow Peril’ (Viking Afloat Hire Boat) on the canal minus a side window!  I’m just glad it wasn’t us – ‘All Right Jack’ and all that stuff…………..

Dodging the showers, John has managed to do a bit more to the roof of the boat.  He can’t try any harder.  This roller?  That roller?  Brush?  How much matting agent? Thinners?  Conditioner? Lengthways strokes?  Widthways strokes?  Decisions!  Decisions!  He’s hoping to get another coat on before we move off today  - behind us the sky is ‘as black as your hat’ but in front of us it’s blue and the sun appears to be heading this way!

We have two major tasks to achieve this weekend:- 1) to fill up with diesel  and 2) to find a mooring spot that has road access and good TV reception.  My best pal from college days and her hubbie are coming to find us on Saturday.  She is my very own Personal Travelling Library Service and each year collects ‘old’ books and delivers ‘new’ recommended reads.  No matter how long I have them, I never have to pay a fine either!  

AND:- Strictly starts again on Saturday and Downton on Sunday – I am a BIG fan of both and will, therefore, consider it to be a special birthday present to me from the BBC.   My present from ‘himself’ can be the amps!!

Maisie 002 (800x600)

Maisie and I have found it quite emotionally tough walking along the tow-path on our own this week – big void and lots of memories and all that stuff.

Maisie has, however, quickly recognised the benefits of having the galley window all to herself!

Something positive - Megan has initiated a re-assessment for my brother so, hopefully, he will soon be in receipt of better after-care. 

There are still plenty of boats out and about.


  1. Happy birthday my darling (whenever it is/was)
    and if that brute doesb't give you the amps give him a good kick up the......from me.
    I know its too soon yet but Maisie could use another little friend before too long, before she turnes into a crotchety Old Bitch and we all know what they're like.....

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  3. It was good to speak to you. Hope you had a lovely weekend with Rosa and Richard. Talk next week xxxx

  4. I hope you enjoyed Strictly and Downton as much as we did. Jill

  5. It will take a while for Maisie as well as you two. Our Meg still has not got over Lucy who died earlier this year.

    It is just the most awful thing losing a loving pet and this year there seems to have been many boating dogs who have died.

    There must be a better year to come ;-)

    Birthday wishes for you too!