Saturday, 1 September 2012

Keeping Occupied

Alrewas Arts Festival has been going on all week.  Local people told us that it takes two years each time to organise these festivals and I’m not surprised because such a lot is on offer.  The art of knitting is certainly thriving in Alrewas as all around the village there are various novelties on display!

A few examples:-

art festival 027 (600x800)     art festival 024 (800x600)      art festival 028 (600x800)    art festival 029 (600x800)

There’s been an exhibition of paintings and sculptures and another of photographs.  Various workshops have been on offer – apparently the local butcher was there teaching people how to carve meat and, one morning, we were visited by the leader of the photographic class asking if his pupils could click away!  If that doesn’t get us featured somewhere nothing will!  Film show on Friday night and free firework display tonight!  Legal graffiti painting under a very unattractive road bridge – the youngsters (and those not-so-young!) were having a great time! 

National Memorial Arboretum:-  I got there at last!  I left John working on the roof of the boat and got the bus.  What an amazing place!  There’s SO much more there than I was expecting.  I knew about The Armed Forces Memorial because I had seen it on the TV but I had little idea of all the hundreds of other memorials, memorial gardens and the 50,000 trees!  I am ashamed to say that I also had little idea of just how many conflicts the U. K. Armed Forces have been involved in since World War 2.

arboretum & roof 018 (800x600)                    arboretum & roof 015

Truly a place of humbling reflection!

Thank you, Ian for all the support you gave us last weekend and for lending John that electrical sander!  The roof of the boat is finally under serious attack and John reckons that the use of that machine will save him hours and hours of rubbing down!  We’ve moved to a busy ‘secluded’ spot (you wouldn’t believe how many walkers and cyclists have gone by!!) where we thought we could run the generator, make a noise and make a mess without upsetting anyone else.  The chimney has been swept ………….. and now the sun’s out again!  Perhaps it will be a nice September!!

Belgium Grand Prix to look forward to tomorrow.  All the Henry boys are there in person – lucky chaps!


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