Monday, 10 September 2012

Elliott Weather

How do they do it?!  It’s a long-standing joke but, whenever our good friends Anne and John go away anywhere, they have good weather!  They have just spent the weekend with us and we all know how lovely it’s been!  This morning the weather is ……. a bit grim again!  How do they do it?!

We had a lovely weekend.  They came to find us at Little Hayward on Friday night.  Saturday morning we went for a walk up on The Chase and then, rather optimistically, moved on to Tixall which was chock-a-block as always.  One space remained – two swans had accommodated the bank and I guess that had put people off.  They took little notice of us and the one outside the galley window stayed put all night!

What do you do when you turn up at Tixall Wide wanting to moor and it’s full up?  Drop anchor!  Not seen this before.  It worked really well!

Elliott weather 012 (800x600)

Anne had requested a sunset:-

EW 011 (800x600)

On Sunday we moved on to Wheaton Aston from where they could get a taxi back to their car.  Anne always likes to have a steer and does it very well.

Elliott weather 018 (600x800)            Elliott weather 019 (800x600)

Lovely weekend.  Thanks for coming to find us u 2.  xxoo

Bit of ‘family stuff’ –

Brother Graham is still in a bad way.  He just can’t seem to get rid of a throat infection.  The doctor prescribed some different medicine a few days ago so let’s hope this works as he’s having such a miserable time.

Megan has moved back into her house, handed in her resignation in London and got herself a local job – totally different from anything she has done before!  She certainly doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet!


  1. I think such a guys like you always should be in good health. May he get well soon! I would love to hear more with your narrowboat life.

    1. Thank you, Dianna for your kind thoughts and words.
      Your e-mail address - does this mean you are in charge of the hire fleet on The Thames? Penton Hook? If so you will probably know our son, Ben?
      We love The Thames - a truly beautiful river.
      Thank you again.

  2. Oh dear, Graham doesn't sound good. More worry for you.
    Will give you a ring soon. Off to you-know-where on Friday, can't wait........not!!!! xx
    Photos are, as usual, lovely xx

  3. Good luck!
    Will be thinking of you.

  4. I like the idea of 'Elliot weather'. I'm sorry your Graham is so bad. That sunset photo is sensational

  5. Hi. The Elliott's are glad we could assist with the weather!!! We do try, my friend. Fabulous weekend and brill to catch up with you both. I too have super photos of lovely weekend. Managed to pull off the 'Elliott weather' last week away in Dorset with my Mum & Dad too....came home Saturday and it rained all day Sunday. Long may our luck hold out. Sorry to hear about Graham not improving. Not sounding good. Love to you both xx