Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Since last weekend we have been steadily travelling along the Staffordshire & Worcester Canal to the lovely, busy little village of Kinver.  It’s been good to be reminded of just how nice this canal is.  There’s a steady supply of locks but what is really good about them is that there’s a walkway at the bottom gates of every one thus preserving some of the leather on the soles of my boots!

Staffs & Worcester 004 (800x600)

The three locks known collectively as “The Bratch” are in a lovely area and have an interesting layout.  They look like staircase locks but they’re not!  In the cruising season a lock-keeper is always there to give guidance – in these days of austerity it’s a volunteer lock-keeper.

The old octagonal toll office is really attractive.

Whilst at Kinver we have been to see about ordering some new chairs.  Our friends, Gary and Joan are set to come and find us tomorrow.  We just hope that it stays dry long enough for us to go up on Kinver Edge for a walk with the dogs.  The forecast for the next few days is looking dire!

We are poised at the junction with the Stourbridge Canal ready to head off towards the centre of Birmingham.  Whether it be boating, walking or motoring I hate going back the same way as we’ve come!  So, ………….. we’ve taken this decision because we can and because we think we should!  It will be an interesting urban environment and something we’ve not done before.  In terms of miles it’s a shorter route back to Crick but there are LOTS of locks – John has estimated at least 112!  He’d better wipe that smile off his face or …… !!!!!  I need to check for myself!

Himalayan Balsam  - a foreign intruder.  This plant is prolific along the banks of this canal and the accompanying River Stour.  The perfume can be very over-bearing.  It’s a rampant coloniser and can eradicate all other plants in it’s path if not kept under control.  The bees seem to like it though.

Staffs & Worcester 012 (800x600)            Staffs & Worcester 014 (800x600)

Lastly – John has been dodging the rain in order to re-paint the boat hook and pole.  The plank is beyond salvation – we definitely need a new one.  He has also tried his hand at cross-stitch.  Where the hotel boat ripped our cratch cover needed repairing.

Staffs & Worcester 017 (800x600) (2)           

Pretty neat eh?

Probably, like other domestic-type things, it’s all down to scout training!!

I expect there was a badge involved!



  1. I loved all the pictures above which are expressing your words. I think having canal boat journey is a great way to spend some beautiful moments with our friends family and worker etc. which make us experience as like adventure and fun.

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  2. When we were in Harrogate, the park signs there show pictures of the aforementioned Himalayan Balsam and encouraged people to pull it up and leave it on the side of the paths for the town gardeners to collect. There were little piles of it everywhere!