Monday, 17 September 2012

Never Ask a Lady Her Age!!

Despite the big number …………… we have just had a really nice weekend with our friends, Rosa and Richard. (I’ve been sulking about these increasing totals for the last 19 years!!)  However, I was presented with a singing cake bearing only one candle!  How kind!  How sensitive! How utterly loyal!  Next year’s reading books are now also safely on board – thanks, Rosa.

On Sunday we all piled into the car and went to The Wreakin – a Shropshire ‘hump’ 1,334 feet above sea level with 360 degree panoramic views.  It was a steep climb to the top along a very well-trodden path and HUNDREDS of other people were doing the same as us.  That did spoil it to some degree but the views from the top were phenomenal despite the misty weather.

Rosa & Richard weekend 002 (600x800)          Rosa & Richard weekend 006 (800x600)

From there we went to Ironbridge to see the world’s first iron bridge which was built across the River Severn in 1777-79.  There are lots of different museums to go to if you choose to and the little town of Coalbrookdale where the bridge was forged is touristy but ……… very nice. 

Rosa & Richard weekend 011 (800x600)         Rosa & Richard weekend 009 (800x600)

Back at Wheaton Aston, I can recommend The Hartley Arms for good meals at reasonable prices.

AND ……… since leaving the marina back in March this is the first kingfisher we have seen on the canals ……………… at last!  We have been very concerned about them.

King fisher Brewood 003

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes – those who forgot completely were my two children!  Both of them!!  Hey, Ho!


  1. Well that's the inheritance gone then!!
    Glad you had a good time. See you soon

    1. Inheritance????????....We're
      Yes,we did have good time & YES....., we will see you soon! XXOOXXOO

  2. Now what BIG number would that be I wonder? 40 is pretty big and 50 is even bigger but that's as high as I dare go.
    No matter, to me you'll always be a sweet young thing in your 30 somethings....

  3. Del-Boy, Your such a creep!!!