Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Trip to the Seaside

From Scarisbrick Bridge it’s only 4 miles to the seaside resort of Southport which boasts miles of sandy beach, the 2nd longest pier in England (where is the longest?) and Lord Street – a Victorian canopied boulevard!  We had a day out.  For those of you old enough to remember the song “The Day we went to Banger” – here follows my attempt at a loosely modelled alternative ……….

The Day we went to Southport

Southport 001 (1024x768)
Southport 008 (1024x768)
Didn’t we have a luverley time the day we went to Southport?

A wet, windy day but we all made our way a-long the prom-en-ade, you know.

As we pressed on we stumbled upon equipment to make us all fitter

We all had a go to push and heave-ho

As the waves came in.
Southport 004 (768x1024)          Southport 010 (1024x768)

Southport 017 (1024x768)
Southport 019 (1024x768)
Sandra and me – we strongly agree – that pier it is a long one!  
We walked the way down away from the town along the pe-des-trian path, you know.

We chose to ride back along the tram track, then Sandra went off to the rock shop,

We thought about lunch – oh, what shall we munch?

As the waves came in.

Southport 021 (768x1024)            Southport 025 (1024x768)

The men will recall the thrill of it all when we found all the shops upon Lord Street.

Southport 023 (1024x768)

They tried hard to smile and waited a while but hun-ger pangs were strong, you know.

Southport 020 (1024x768)
 All seaside trips should include fish and chips so that’s where we all made our way to

We sat in the sun watching the fairground fun

Southport 007 (1024x768)
                         As the waves went out.

Having had a good day and the sky looking grey we said ‘goodbye’ to the seaside

We got on the bus and Ken said to us “I’m really impressed with Southport, you know.”

All of us know the REAL star of the show was Lola that canine explorer

We glowed with pride coz she took it all in her stride

As the waves went out.


  1. The longest pier is in Southend-on-sea.

  2. Thank you, Lesley - and others who have contacted me one way or another to answer my question. "Ask the Audience" never fails to come up trumps!
    Never been to Southend ............. on the list then!