Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Smooth Operation

moored in Salthouse Dock

Well, we are here!  We are in Salthouse Dock in the heart of Liverpoooool!!

As recommended by many boaters we had met we moored overnight at Bridge 10.  Two other boats were already there when we arrived and, during the rest of the afternoon and evening, five others joined us so we were one of nine boats going into Liverpool ohumans did this!n Wednesday morning.

As instructed, we were all ready and waiting at Bridge 9 near Aintree at 9am for our assisted passage.  It was a smooth operation – the chaps from C&RT did their job brilliantly.  When we set off we were 6th in the flotilla but, after being let through the next swing bridge, we found ourselves 2nd with Ken & Sandra leading the way.  As with most urban sections of canal, human habitation has its downside – there was a lot of rubbish.  Cans and bottles float – it doesn’t do too well to ponder on what doesn’t but we did end up with a lot of stuff around the prop!  If there was an old-fashioned returnable amount of money on plastic bottles the world would be a better place!  However, we have experienced much worse than this on the Coventry Arm, going through Leicester and on the section from Brentford to Paddington.

When we reached Eldonian Basin with the four Stanley Dock locks ahead of us, C&ART staff were there ready and waiting.

Into Liverpool 029 (1024x768)        Into Liverpool 037 (1024x768)        Into Liverpool 035 (1024x768)

It was so easy!  They did it all for us!!

Into Liverpool 026 (1024x768)

As we left the locks we entered Stanley Dock passing the enormous Tobacco Warehouse which is a landmark for miles around and is apparently going to be converted into apartments.  I think Ken said it contains something like 57 million bricks!!

We continued to follow the bollards – actually we didn’t – we followed Ken – and made our way through all the old docks.  The Link is just 1.4 miles long, includes a narrow section contentiously nicknamed ‘Sid’s Ditch’, two new locks and three short tunnels and cost over £20 million!!  It is becoming a more and more popular thing for boaters to do and there is now regular boat movement through and past Maghull which, in the past, had rightly or wrongly earned itself the reputation of being a ‘no-go’ area.  Surely this is what re-generation of an area is all about?

Emerging from St Nicholas (patron saint of sailors I believe) tunnel, The Three Graces were right there!  The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and The Port of Liverpool Building – all fabulous!  The modern Museum of Liverpool building is also very impressive.

Into Liverpool 054 (1024x768)        Into Liverpool 059 (1024x768)        Into Liverpool 053 (1024x768)

We had to wait at Mann Island lock for the rest of the boats to catch us up and then C&ART let us all through to make our way to Salthouse Dock and our reserved berths.

To arrive at this famous location on our own boat has been an exciting adventure and, so far, one I would definitely recommend.  Now we have the city of Liverpool to explore.  Unfortunately, one thing that is not conveniently at hand is somewhere decent to walk a dog – they are not allowed anywhere in Albert Dock and the nearby Chavasse Park is very manicured and ornamental.  We will have to have regular bus rides to Sefton Park I think.  So, what with being surrounded by concrete and having to wear a silly jacket (albeit temporarily) Lola is not as impressed as we are!

Into Liverpool 064 (768x1024)


  1. Hi when we were moored there we walked our dog by the wheel, there are dog bins there too. Also along the mersy towards the marina with no problems NB Ferndale

    1. John N/B Ellen28 June 2013 at 03:03

      Hi, Thanks for the comment. There seems to be "No Dog" signs where ever you try to access the dock areas. Did you ignore them? I must admit there doesn't seem to be any body enforcing but we've seen no other dogs around those areas. I think we've tried every access point but the signs are still there. It's a bugger! Bye for now.

  2. OMG you are there. Put the camouflage net over the boat. see you soon xx

    1. John N/B Ellen28 June 2013 at 03:09

      I will say this only once! "Camo on, dark glasses out & little tank awaits (Wine tank that is)." See you later.

  3. Angela, my little fragrance I'm delighted to hear your journey into Liverpool was made so easy. However you should have pointed out that the gin swilling skippers barking orders from the back have no real notion of the word work. Only true lock winders, the surfs of society, know what REAL WORK is. Your delicate little fingers rubbed sore from all that winding to say nothing of your poor bum bruised and battered after bashing against balance beams that wont budge....