Monday, 24 June 2013

Health & Safety

Most of our mooring stops since we have been on The Leeds & Liverpool have required the use of stakes.  Now these can be hazardous to walkers, cyclists and boaters so …… responsible boaters demarcate their presence in some form or another.  Many boaters wrap plastic bags around them.  We tend to use yellow tennis balls.  HOWEVER, these are proving to be more and more popular with our canine friends out for ‘walkies’ and we keep having them nicked!  We are down to our last one until supplies can be replenished.

Now you see it ………………………….

now you see it

                                                                                Now you don’t!

                                                                                                                    now you don't!

What to do?

I had read that a very enterprising lady boater had crocheted cover-things out of carrier bags obtainable from a well known supermarket.  Needs must, I thought, so I had a go.  Not the classiest thing you’ll ever see but for now at least they will serve the purpose.  Kesandra and Ellen are abiding by the rules of Health & Safety!

Stuff! 037 (1024x768)

Some people are just so creative/inventive aren’t they?  And, out there somewhere are some very happy, well-foraged, opportunistic dogs!!


  1. Ingenious and so much better than destroying something new! Recycling at it's finest Mrs A.... well done!!!!

  2. Not my own idea i have to confess! see you soooooooon!! xxoo