Monday, 10 June 2013

So, What’s Occurin’?

Last Friday saw us completing the really tidy ‘Heartbreak Hill’ (volunteers had apparently been busy during April and May cutting grass and painting lock gates) and arriving in Middlewich.  We pressed on through King’s Lock and then three more to moor up for the night by the church.  The next morning we met the skipper of n/b “Louth” – a Goldsbrough boat and he told us that he too is heading for Liverpool along with about 23 other Goldsbrough boat owners!

one of the Flashes (1024x768)

On Saturday night we competed with fishermen for space at one of the flashes – wide areas caused by subsidence as a result of earlier salt mining.

I’m completely amazed at the sophisticated ‘gear’ fishermen have these days!  The two really nice chaps near us were there for the night complete with:- tent, padded camp beds, luxury sleeping bags, a fancy cooker and so on and so forth …..!!!  They certainly weren’t ‘roughing it’ BUT, all this luxury didn’t make the fish bite!!  Anderton (768x1024)They caught nothing!


On Sunday we arrived at the Anderton Boat Lift.  The whole area was busy with visitors both boaters and non-boaters.  We are hoping to spend some time on The Weaver after we have been to Liverpool.

We met up with our friends Ken & Sandra on their boat and – had Sunday dinner cooked for us! 

boats waiting to decend (768x1024)                  invited for dinner (768x1024)

Today we’ve moved on near to where the breach was at Dutton last year.  We’ve been for a lovely walk along part of The Weaver, through fields and back along the canal  past the site of the breach.

moored for the night (1024x768)        walking the Weaver (1024x768)

We think that C&RT have done a really good repair job to the area – all done ahead of time too.  Due to the prolonged rain we had last year the embankment gave way and 24 million litres of water and 12,000 tonnes of stones have been needed to fill it!  Apparently, 12 double-decker buses could have fitted in the crater that developed.


inspecting the breach-site (768x1024)        plaque (1024x768)        repaired breach (1024x768)

All this has cost over £2,000,000 though!!!!!!!!

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