Monday, 17 June 2013

More on The Bridgewater

Dunham Massey Hall near the village of Little Bollington is owned by The National Trust and, yes, of course there is an admission charge to go inside the C18th mansion, but the public are allowed to roam in it’s parkland along with the fallow deer ………….. for free!

more on the bridgewater 004 (1024x768)        more on the bridgewater 008 (1024x768)        more on the bridgewater 013 (1024x768)

The village has a lovely pub with a less-than-ordinary name and there are several footpaths to enjoy in and around the Bollin valley.

more on the bridgewater 003 (1024x768)         more on the bridgewater 018 (1024x768)

Ken & Sandra set off EARLY (5.50am early!) this morning to get to Bridgewater Marina where they had arranged for a new alternator to be fitted.  We followed ………………… later………………… quite a bit later!!  more on the bridgewater 030 (1024x768)

more on the bridgewater 028 (1024x768)

We crossed over The Manchester Ship Canal on the Barton Swing Aqueduct.  Gates can apparently seal off the trough section which is then swung at right angles to enable big vessels requiring more headroom to pass along the Ship Canal.  I would love to see this in operation but I think it’s a rare occurrence these days as trade is much less than it used to be.



The Games Names People Boaters Play:-

Boaters can always be relied upon to exhibit a sense of humour in the names they choose for their boats.  We saw these today and they all made us laugh:-

more on the bridgewater 022 (1024x768)        more on the bridgewater 034         more on the bridgewater 033 (1024x768)

I also liked ‘Arm n’ a Leg’ but failed to get a picture.

We’ve had a welcome break from locks but some are looming up as are about 17 swing bridges where we will have to hold up road traffic!



  1. When you bring Lola here she can see the fallow deer and the Munchjack and she can help Moll round them up!!

    1. Never to be seen again .........!! xxoo

  2. Wozie nb Oakfield18 June 2013 at 09:58

    Couldn't quite read the names of the boats on your pictures. We have also spotted one, which we have posted on our blog!

    1. One was 'Onion Bar-g-ee'! One 'Soddham Hall' (!) and the other 'Lord Layabout'!! Good eh? I'll check your latest entry. xxoo

  3. Wozie nb Oakfield20 June 2013 at 08:54

    We have seen some similar ones too, Argi-Bargi, Firckum Hall, Eboda Dexifon and Llamedos (read backwards)!. Thanks for the double click tip too.