Thursday, 16 July 2009

In Search of the Perfect Sausage

PERSHORE - I think it's lovely!

We had read bits and pieces about it in the posh pack with which we were presented at the Evesham River Festival. When we came past in the boat we were unable to moor so, having eventually managed to get into a place called Comberton Quay, we cycled back in.

The High Street is lovely - old fashioned buildings and lots of individual shops apparently still doing good trade. Clothes and shoe shops were very exclusive (in other words, expensive!) However, it was the Indoor Retail Market that was the biggest lure to us. The fresh food stalls in here are fantastic - fruit and veg, butchers, cheeses to die for, home made meat pies and pasties, cakes, more cakes, tarts, buns and more tarts!!! etc.

The quest for the perfect sausage is not really our quest - it is that of Joan Peace (mother of Gill) who has been pursuing this now for many years. Abbey Butchers in the market were selling at least a dozen different home-made varieties. We have bought quite a selection to assist her!!

The NOT so good news is that we have just found out the on Saturday it's the Tewkesbury Water Festival!!! WE ARE PLAGUED!!! As much as I enjoyed Evesham I don't want to embrace another one so soon after the last! What IS annoying is that this will mess up our planned stay at Tewksbury. Again, it really is a lovely old market town full of history and I was looking forward to a mooche around! Sharon (whom we met in Evesham - n/b "Janus") told me of a pair of blemished old bed knobs she had seen in an antique/collectibles shop and I wanted to go in search of them. Oh well, looks like we will be doing some more to-ing and fro-ing - this time backwards and forwards on the River Severn! We are about an hour's cruise away from Tewkesbury so I think we will just have to carry on and see what happens!

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