Sunday, 19 July 2009


Well, despite initial concerns about yet another river festival we have had a really nice weekend here in Tewkesbury.

Ken (Lord Kenneth) & Sandra (Lady Sandra) on Kesandra ("The Floating Palace") caught up with us on Friday afternoon and, whilst we were out and about in Tewkesbury searching for brass knobs (!!!) breasted up to us. Ken later said that it was a new experience for him and one that he didn't much like!!!

I must say that I think all this living on such a palatial vessel is somewhat going to their heads and that they are now getting a little carried away!

They are even beginning to think about getting a royal guard dog!

Sorry Rebecca. Sorry Samantha. They simply can't have this one because she's ours. She has, however, been welcomed on board "Kesandra", and, you never know, she might just have left a royal flea behind on that big back deck somewhere!

All joking apart - we had a really good weekend together. The Water Festival was quite low-key - local people have spent the last two years trying to pick up the pieces from all the devastation caused by the floods of 2007. It was, however, a really good Family Fun Day based around the water. There were water based races for children, mums and dads and teachers! There were fun-fair type stalls, some live entertainment, an illuminated boat competition which was really well supported and an excellent firework display to end the event.

Over the weekend Sandra & I went to have a really good look around Tewkesbury Abbey - the architecture of which is simply phenomenal. Whilst we were away Ken and John drank too many beers and, in the evenings, we all drank too much red wine!!! Thank you Ken & Sandra for your good company, your support re our boating shortcomings (!) and your great sense of humour.

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