Thursday, 9 July 2009

This & That

We have had some serious downpours of rain since last weekend - I wish the warm weather would return!

The Warwickshire Avon is a really beautiful river. We came through Evesham Lock yesterday and I think the Lower Avon is even prettier than the Upper. It is certainly popular with fishmen! I think fishing must be one of the most popular pastimes. All along the banks of the river there are fishing platforms - there is obviously a lot of money to be made - there was even a special campsite for fishermen! The picture is taken from Evesham Town Moorings looking towards Evesham Bridge. The festival is held along here. I have been talking to locals and they have described the scene during the 2007 floods - unimaginable to you and I!!! Whole static caravans, cars, boats, sheds etc floating downstream and then
crashing into a bridge! Apparently, a lot of this type of debris is still on the riverbed.

The Evesham River Festival is on at the weekend and we have organised ourselves a booked mooring so that we can stay and find out what it is all about! John has worked out that there's a beer tent so needs no other encouragement! Me? I'm just after The Punch & Judy Shows with all the 'other' kids!

Today we got on the bikes and went for a cycle around some of the villages which I had read about and sounded lovely. This part of Worcestershire still has lots of thatched, half-timbered properties. The village of Cropthorne was especially gorgeous - take note Gary & Joan!
We saw lots of properties like this!! Lottery ticket?? Actually, where one is born, bred and reared is such a lottery isn't it? Having discovered lovely counties such as Worcestershire and Warwickshire I feel I definitely got the short straw being reared in Staines! I should have married a farmer or run a riding stables!!

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