Sunday, 5 July 2009

It only takes a second!

It only took a second for Maisie to drop a favoured chew overboard and a second for it to sink.

It only took a second for Maisie herself - halfway along the gunnel when the boat was midstream of the Avon - to fall in!! For a little dog who will not swim voluntarily, she swam REALLY well! When she reached the stern (with the help of the current) it only took John a second to hoist her out by the scruff of the neck! It took her several hours to recover from the trauma - she was SERIOUSLY upset! I don't think she'll do that again!

It only took a second for our lovely Buckby Can to be knocked off the roof of the boat by an over-hanging willow branch. It floated whilst we stopped and reversed but, as I reached out to grab it, it only took a second to sink in the deep water to the river bed. I know it was only a possession but I loved that can! We tried hard to find it with the magnet but to no avail.

Megan had no trouble finding us moored at Luddington Lock and she, Maisie and Grandma were all safely back in Staines by 5 o'clock in the afternoon. It's ironic isn't it? Last year when John's mum spent time with us it was too wet and sometimes cold with it. This year, if anything, it was too hot!!!

The Avon is a really beautiful but temperamental river. As with most rivers, the lack of mooring places is an issue. We are now at Bidford-on-Avon and intend to walk into the little town tomorrow. At this moment in time the river is anything but busy with boats.


  1. Sounds like woops a maisie to me!! I know only too well how good John is at hoiking dogs out of the water as they reach him - glad he still has the knack. Lets hope she didnt leave as many hairs around as when McKewan was dried out in your sitting area!!! Love to you both - will catch up properly soon!!! Anne. xxx

  2. Whoops-a-Maisie - very clever - I really liked that!!