Sunday, 12 July 2009

So Glad we Stayed

Evesham River Festival - what a fantastic event!

And John moans about my flowers!!

Everything has been so well organised and co-ordinated and there has been masses to do and see. On the Friday night there was a beer tent and free entertainment. All day Saturday there was a huge variety of more free entertainment - Punch & Judy for the children, comedy sketches akin to the Edinburgh Fringe, a folk band, a rock band, 200 Morris Dancers the like of which you have never seen before!, (I could definitely take to it!), Line Dancing (I definitely couldn't take to it!) and the local radio broadcasting live. There were also lots of stalls selling crafts, novelty toys, old fashioned sweets (Gill would not have been able to resist!) and, of course, lots of food outlets. I so take my hat off to all those who have participated to make this such a fantastic town event.

This was one of the comedy sketches and it was really funny.

There were also boating competitions and the local boaters entered with 110% support and commitment. The theme for the boat decorating competition was "The Circus" and entries were amazing!
It was really good to see cruisers and narrowboats joining in together. In the evening there was a boat illumination competition and ....... WOW!! John moans when I ask for one
little strip of lights at Christmas time!! To finish off the Saturday,
Evesham Council provided a fantastic firework display. The rain was dreadful during the evening but boaters are hardy folk and stuck it out! All of this only cost us our entry fee.

A few more things went on during Sunday - silly games, prize awards, thanks etc and a brass band. What an excellent community spirit there is Evesham Riverside - I envy them. This is the sort of thing Staines should be doing. I'm so glad we decided to 'give it a go'!


  1. So glad it was a fab weekend. Sounds great. You will have to try to make it another year! So was it a very late night or a sleepless one? - blog posting at 3 - 4am!! Maybe the clocks wrong??? xx

  2. something definately amiss - i am certainly not in the office at 05.38am !! x

  3. Yes.
    Ignore the time thing - it's all wrong and I haven't worked out how to change it!