Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The 'Mystery' of the disappearing blue marker

It's not a mystery really! We are now experiencing something new - being on tidal waters on our own boat. We have left Tewkesbury and are now on the Mighty River Severn heading downstream towards Gloucester. Being the responsible people we are (!) we have dusted off the life jackets, Maggie's included. No point having them and not using them.

And:- it is pouring with rain!
And:- high tides are expected over the next few days!

Why do these things always seem to happen to us?

A 'cheerful' bit of news on the local radio this morning reminded listeners that it was two years ago today that a month's worth of rain fell in 24 hours causing all that devastating flooding in this area!


We have:-
  • 'big' skies which I know Mrs Elliot would like
  • a wide, empty river very condusive for easy steering (Mr Elliot would like this!)
  • turbulance, waves and water going the wrong way twice a day and this is accompanied by the temporary disappearance of John's blue marker!
  • ducks desperately trying to swim against the current when the tide is not coming in, getting no-where until they turn around and then ....... whoosh! Gone!
  • a complete absence of any other boats on the move and this is really quite spooky!
We are aiming to make our way into Gloucester on Wednesday. We have been told that we need to arrive when there is minimum turbulance and little debris created by the tide. Watch this space!!!


  1. Mr & Mrs Elliott agree with the comments! What could be better than big skies (blue of course to be Elliott weather) and big expanse of water. LOL. xx

  2. Maggie thinks she's a turtle.