Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Back in Braunston

Day and night the spire of Braunston Church can be seen for miles around.

We have been back in the Braunston area since last Friday - 6 months after we said 'good-bye' to Ben and Becky there.

Gill drove up from Staines on Saturday and stayed until late Sunday afternoon. It was so good to see her. It was lovely autumnal weather and we had a good couple of walks.................. and a good old natter!

Gloria and Derek are coming to lunch tomorrow - we haven't seen them since we left the marina last March. We are going to throw around a few ideas for next year's extended cruise! We are all keen to go and explore what the Middle Levels have to offer but John and I need to 'take in Harlow' at the end of May because 'Baby Clayton' is getting married! FAB! All this will involve getting an expensive Gold Licence.

Rodney is driving up on Friday because "The Midland Swindler's!" (chandlers!) are having what they call a 'Mad Friday' - everything is 20% off and he wants to get a new multi-fuel stove for his saloon. We can help him choose one and then John can go to Crick with him and help him to get it in situ on his boat.

After that we will definitely get on our way to Crick where the boat is booked in for bottom blacking!

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  1. Say hello to Harpic and Toad for me! Derek's out adventuring and not answering his email...