Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ostentatious October

OK, OK - I know but we had "Sunny September" so ...........................

According to the dictionary:-
ostentatious "showing off in a luxurious way intending to impress"

I think, therefore, that it is a good choice of adjective because this weather, for October, is unbelievably fantastic! Apparently, half term is looming up so ........... it will all undoubtedly change for the worse!!

I have been surprised at the number of boats still on the move - people making the most of the warm sunshine. That's just about all we've been doing for the last week really - nothing out of the ordinary to report. We are aiming to reach Rugby tomorrow to do some shopping. John has stripped the lacquer off the mushrooms, re-polished them in readiness to apply a fresh coat. We gave in a long time ago trying to keep them respectfully shiny without lacquer - you needed to clean them every few days! Other than that we have been walking Maggie and, as always, meeting some of the many other dogs living on boats or being taken for walks along the towpath and across the fields. My impression is that the majority of boaters have at least one dog and, generally speaking, it's often the dogs that get us boaters talking to each other.

Introducing Rosie (the very soft and soppy) Rottweiler:-

What a sociable, exciting life our Maggie now has! These are just a few of the others:-

There's -
Rosie* & Molly, Murphy & Alf
Jake & Taylor, George & Ralph
Bandit & Katy, Zeus & Minnie
Charlie & Trevor, Jack & Ginny
Bosun & Briony, Jessie & Larry
Chicco & Barney, Albert & Harry

and - Magnus the Mastiff weighing in at 11 stone!!

*(the Jack Russell)


  1. is Magnus Maggie's 'special' friend?
    Rosie and Mollie send their love!!

  2. Definitely not! One swipe of the paw and he would flatten her! Not that he is aggressive - just incredibly big and heavy! Charlie-Boy, the Westie is probably her favourite and ........... he totally ignores her! Such is life! xxoo