Saturday, 31 October 2009

"Dingley Dangley for the Doobrey"!

Well, that's what the lovely Mrs Elliott calls it! Everyone else calls it a "Tiller Tassel"!

Anyway, John has fashioned a new one! Business opportunities?

It is the first day of November tomorrow and we are back on the Leicester Line where we were this time last year. The boat is going into the dry dock for blacking in a week's time and I am going back to Staines for a while. We have organised a Winter mooring for December, January and February in the marina.

This time last year things looked quite rosy. Our Annual Income appeared to be adequate and I remember saying "Well, at least we don't need to worry about the kids. They are both happy and settled." Me and my big mouth!
What a difference a year makes!!

2009 has definitely been our "Annus Horribilis". I can't wait to see the back of it. I look to 2010 with renewed optimism.

Our cruising this year has covered 750 miles of waterway and we have gone through 520 locks. We have been through some very pretty countryside and places and met some lovely people on the way. For canal centred businesses it has been a very good year but insufficient Government investment in the infra structure is now beginning to show.

So what happens now?
Well, we will "sit it out" at Crick over the next few months and, hopefully, have the opportunity of catching up with family and friends. I would also like to see the sea - I miss it! Plans for next year's cruise are already being formulated and will involve being on the River Stort near Harlow at the end of May for a fantastic event:- a Clayton wedding! We will set off again at the beginning of next March - watch this space!

Thank you to those who have loyally followed this Blog, posted comments or e-mailed. I have enjoyed doing it and tried to vary it's contents so as not to make it too boring! I NEED contact with the outside world and a constructive reason to write! xxoo


  1. That sounds like a big sign off!
    Talk soon, see you in January AND May for that wedding hope your bottom blacking goes well (at least it will keep the damp of your bottom)
    Much love xx

  2. And what a beautiful dingley dangley it is too !!! Set up an on-line shop John and you could be the dingley dangley king of the waterways. The mind boggles. Looking forward to seeing you very soon.
    All the best from 'the lovely Mrs Elliott'. xxx

  3. I love the Tiller thingy!...
    I have been making some for our boat and friends boats but the cotton I have does not look nearly as nice as yours..
    Can you tell me what it is and where you got it?..I found it hard to get cotton and eventually got some at Braunston in Tradline fenders but it is unbleached and very floppy!!


    Gillie ( Nb Vox Stellarum on the K & A )