Friday, 2 October 2009

Staying Put

We are still on The Ashby at a village called "Stoke Golding" where the villagers proudly say the Tudor dynasty began. They claim that Henry VII was crowned here having defeated Richard III on the battlefield. They have a very posh village sign.

We are awaiting a document to arrive for us at the local post office. The Post Office offer a service to travellers called Poste Restante - people can send us mail and we can go and collect it!
We are also waiting for a working boat called "Gosty Hill" to arrive - Ian & Alison travel this patch selling diesel and coal from their boat.

We are moored up near a picnic spot where we are surrounded by ducks! These ducks are VERY well fed! Children arrive to feed them - before school, at lunch time and after school and when the children are not there the pensioners are!!! Please note the drake mallard on the right above - I have never seen such a huge mallard (the Incredible Dulk!) - this is NOT the result of over-feeding - goodness knows what his parentage is!! He is, however, not at all aggressive like many of the others - not that we have seen any of them tangle with him!

Whilst here we have been to Morrisons twice. A five mile round trip each time and I'm sure most of it was uphill! To think that it has come to this! I used to have a lovely, lovely white 325I hatchback BMW! I keep telling John that it will be the end of me - the goods in the bags probably being more dangerous to my well-being than the cycle ride!

John has been busy doing some maintenance. He has painted and polished his bollards!!

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  1. So glad John has shiny bollards nothing worse than grubby ones!!
    Just think how strong your legs will be! You will be able to crack walnuts with your knees over Christmas!! Glad I won't be there to see it!!!