Monday, 5 October 2009

Sent to Coventry

Actually, we weren't sent - we came of our own choosing! Quite why I don't know because these days I'm positively in awe of large towns and cities. It's the number of people, the traffic, the noise ............... and I have to say, the mess that people create! Yet again, our approach was accompanied by graffiti on every possible surface! Not so much rubbish in the water as on the Paddington Arm though. Apparently a voluntary barge, skippered by a member of the Coventry Canal Society, goes up and down once a week scooping out all the debris - what IS the matter with members of the human race that this should be necessary?

The Basin is right in the centre of the city - it is only a five minute walk to a massive shopping centre. The Basin itself is clean and tidy, well lit and, apart from traffic noise, quite quiet. Tonight, including us, there are about ten boats here.

A statue of James Brindley in the Basin.
He's the chap who was the original engineer before he got the sack!
I think he spent too much of the allocated funding too quickly!
The Basin at night.

Yes, we are here temporarily but we definitely do not want to be given the cold shoulder (as in being 'Sent to Coventry') by those we know! We will not want to stay here for too long!!

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