Monday, 26 October 2009

Weird Noises in the Night!

Well, actually it was 6.30 in the morning but ............ yes Lynn, yes Gloria - to me, that counts!!

What IS that strange noise? It's not the ducks or swans pecking along the side of the boat - that happens all the time.

It's not Halloween for another week so what is it?

Is the level of the water in the canal falling? No! It must be my imagination!

I got up to investigate and .................... all was revealed.

Superior Slurping Award.

This was one of many but they did spread themselves out along the bank and they did take it in turns! The noise has to be heard to be believed!

The more we get to know Braunston the more we like it. There's always something going on in and around the marina basin and the village is very active too. We have discovered some brilliant walks across the fields to take Maggie.

Moving off today, however, up the Braunston lock flight and through the tunnel to Norton Junction. As it is Half Term, there are loads of boats on the move - both private boats and hire boats.

Here followeth a "waxing lyrical" moment:-
Trade and work generated by the canal system is the life-blood of some communities as proven by what happened this summer as a result of a serious breach in the Shropshire Union. Reading accounts of it, I have been staggered by the amount of money taken by pubs, restaurants, shops, marinas and boatyards over the cruising season. If only the Government would recognise the importance of the system both to the cultural essence of the country as well as it's economy and allocate sufficient funds for proper maintenance and restoration.
How Hum!


  1. How lovely - what a brilliant photo! Does this mean you may consider Braunston for next winter's mooring??? Anne. x

  2. While i remember - I have some lovely photos from our last visit - remind me to show you when we see you in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to catching up again. xx

  3. 6.30 hey what an early bird you are!!
    Are you sure it wasn't John?