Sunday, 28 March 2010


God Bless Her and all those involved there in the retail trade!

John and I do not enjoy shopping but we had an unavoidable challenge facing us in Banbury - we needed to kit ourselves out for a special wedding in May.

John did have a suit!  A very nice suit and he carefully stowed it away in one of his mum's wardrobes.  When he went to retrieve it a few weeks ago, however, it was nowhere to be seen!  We are convinced it has been sent off to a certain charity shop in Shepperton but a confession has not forthcoming!

Arthur Whitcher Est 1902 "Quality Menswear at affordable prices"!!!  Marvellous.
An old-fashioned style shop with an experienced retailer who rose to my challenge - "Please kit him out with everything for a wedding!"

I have forgotten just how well he can scrub up!  Lynn - you are going to be SO impressed!!  I might even have to keep my eye on him!  He's certainly going to put me in the shade!

Getting back to Banbury - the first time we ever came through here was on a hire boat more than twenty years ago.  The wharf area was grim and no way invited boaters to stop for long!  With the total redevelopment of the area it is now really popular and everyone wants to stop!  This weekend, however, it has been very quite - there have only been a few boats moored up in the centre.  We have based ourselves by the town park - easy and exciting walking for Maggie with lots of irresistible holes in a bit of a wooded area!  We are near a foot bridge which gives access to a large Tesco's but it is a bit of a hike.  I know that some boaters are wary about staying in Banbury but I have to say that we always do as we pass through and we have never had a problem - let's hope we never do.


  1. I expect an impromptu fashion how when we next meet up. Want to see John strutting his stuff up and down the towpath in true Gok Wan style.

  2. Oh please tell me when I will have to come and see, will he be wearing wellies as well, Phwoar!! Can't wait!!
    Funny that Ange I came on the site today to ask you how the outfit hunt was going, psychic we must be. Are you clean now?

  3. I'm pleased Banbury has left an improved impression. Please come again!