Monday, 15 March 2010

Treading Water

Well, not literally and certainly not in this water!

No. We have had a maintenance weekend - we found ourselves a quiet spot just outside of Yelvertoft and set to on some jobs that have been under threat for some time now.

The weather was dry, sunny and fairly warm so John set to with the paintbrush on the front deck. The green was looking very tired and the red was - well, not red any more - it was pink!

Like his dad, son Ben also has an intimate relationship with paintbrushes!

The red is now so bright sunglasses are required to look at it! AND we have anti-slip pads on either side of both front and back decks!

I cleaned out the back cabin. Next thing on the list - windows! Boats are high maintenance.
They take such a bashing both inside and out that there's always something needing to be done in order to keep them looking respectable.

We did an all-round eight mile walk to Crick to get a paper because a free magazine outlining all the F1 racing teams this year was included! Madness but Maggie enjoyed herself.

We have seen more boats out and about over the weekend than since November. We will no longer be able to assume we can moor where we want to!

Today we will be moving on to Crick to do some shopping in the now extended (!) Co-op. John wants to hang around until tomorrow to see Gary in the marina and then we will make our way to Braunston. Good. I now want to get off the Leicester Line (as much as I like it) and get going!!

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  1. It is so worth it the boat looks lovely. Your photography is getting very good loved the sunset!