Friday, 26 March 2010

Last of the Self-Pump-Outs

When we purchased "Ellen" we inherited a self pump out kit.  There are very few places on the system where these can be used but Cropredy is one of them so ........................

For anyone who is either queasy or easily upset by domestic turbulence - READ NO FURTHER!

NEVER AGAIN!!  It's hard work and unpleasant when it all works properly.  When it doesn't .........!
Mind you, the said 'kit' and attached hoses were not designed to suck up half a hundred weight of gravel from the bottom of the canal! For anyone who likes a restoration challenge - the whole kit is now residing in a large Biffa bin at Cropredy Wharf.   There is also a pair of size 10 boat shoes!  The operator's clothes narrowly missed going in the bin too - they were only saved by the assurances of the Assistant Operator who promised to wash them.  At this point the Assistant Operator would actually have quite liked to have put the Operator in a large bin!!!!  It would, however, be such a shame to waste such dramatic acting talent - the petulant performance was well worthy of an Oscar nomination.  Sadly, there was only one poor soul in the audience and that was the Assistant Operator who was at the sticky, smelly end of the entire failed procedure in more ways than one!!
HER frustration was vented on the next 4 miles of tow-path.

Now the external hard drive on the computer has stopped working - NOT a good day.  Let's hope things will improve tomorrow!  I had such a good picture I wanted to add to this but, where is it?  YEP!  On the external hard drive!!

Lynne and Paul - you have my permission to laugh!

May 2010 - External hard drive has been mended and this is the awaited picture:-

Wishful Thinking!!!!


  1. A twist on the term s*it hits the fan then? lol

  2. Now why would we laugh!!! We were just rolling around imagining you up to your ankles in the smelly stuff. Never again will you moan about the cost of a pump out :-)

  3. Poor you, you need an all in one like Maggie has for the tow path, and a hat, and wellies, and a large umbrella. We didn't laugh.....much xxx