Friday, 19 March 2010

Mind Yer 'ed!!

As you can see the decoration to the replacement Buckby can is coming along very well. This is where it is suspended to dry each time fresh paint is added and if each of us had a £1.00 every time we have banged our head on it .............................. !!!!!!! It's not exactly inconspicuous is it?!
(It's definitely more photogenic than the artist!!)

This morning we travelled up the Napton flight of locks. Every time we do this I am reminded of what a lovely setting they are in. It was especially nice today because:-
- the sun was shining
- we had it all to ourselves
and ........ - all the locks were in our favour.

We're not usually that lucky!

At the moment we are moored up on the summit pound walking distance from the lovely village of Priors Hardwick. We have been for a walk this afternoon and must have looked dead shifty because three different people asked us if we were lost and needed help!! "The Butcher's Arms" looks like a really nice restaurant - worth remembering for a very special occasion?

It has now begun raining but we haven't had rain for ages so "fair enough".

In this tough economic climate nobody is safe - even the scarecrows are being made redundant!

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  1. The perspective on the Buckby can is wierd. Either that can is HUGE or John's head has shrunk to the size of a pea! Thinking about it it is probably John. It is usually his fault!!