Thursday, 4 March 2010

Foxton Locks - All to Ourselves

And in the sunshine too!

Where is everybody? Today, we came down the locks and carried on to Market Harborough without passing another moving boat.

The area around Foxton is one of my favourite places on the canal system. The flight of locks are very special - there are ten in two sets of five staircases. On busy days they can be a right bottleneck and take ages to get through. Today, we did it all on our own in less than an hour!!

The locks are a gongoozler's delight! No matter the day or the weather there are always walkers/visitors around watching the 'goings on'. There are two pubs, a cafe, a little shop, a small museum and the remains of a famous boat lift so there is plenty to keep visitors occupied.
Money has been well invested in the development of the area.

The surrounding countryside is lovely too - it's hard to believe that the sprawling city of Leicester is less than twenty miles away. This is the view from the top of the now obsolete inclined plane - the boat lift. It would be really good to see it in operation once again but .....££

Maggie just loves all the open fields.
With the possibility of spying a rabbit ................. she will sit and scan for ages!

"Where are those rabbits?"

"Where are those rabbits?"

She is amazingly patient! Don't you just love her?

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