Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Leicester Line no more

Yesterday we finally left the Leicester Line - well until next Winter anyway!

We did two tunnels and 13 locks and the sun shone all day.
Apparently some people like going through the tunnels - not us and our latest experience has done nothing to nurture endearment.


If 'im at the back
Hadn't been quite so slack
The boat wouldn't be lackin'
So much of its blackin'!

He says that's most harshish
Cos Crick Tunnel's darkish
Especially when the fer-kin
Front light stops workin'!!

Now Braunston was better I have to admit
The light had been twiddled and shone most of it
He eased it in gently without touching the side
"Is this Mills & Boon?" an on-looker cried!

Twenty yards from the end, the light it went out
It would not respond positively despite the large clout.
So off to the chandlers a bulb for to get
He'll come back with more I'm willing to bet.

Well he didn't as it happens - we now have a working tunnel light at the repair cost of £2.20!
We also have repaired mooring pins at the cost of a fiver! Braunston? Marvellous!

We have moved on to Bridge 103 and, who should be there too but Rosie the Rottweiler .............. and her owners as well! Must go - Maggie is nagging me for her D-I-N-N-E-R - yes, she's SO clever, she can even spell certain words!!

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