Thursday, 7 April 2011


When ever we travel on the South Oxford canal I really look forward to being able to stop in Banbury.

banbury 003

It wasn’t always like this!  The first time we ever came through was on a hire boat back in about 1990.

It was before the wharf area had been re-developed.  There were old warehouses and derelict buildings and it was all very seedy.  There was absolutely no desire to stop then – you just wanted to get through as quickly as possible.  How different it is today!  Boaters are now so keen to stop that mooring is restricted to 48 hours.

All the shops – both in the Castle Quays shopping precinct and the High Street are 5 minutes walk away.  We needed to sort out something legal, something financial and something retail and Banbury came up trumps yet again!

I have also recently found out that I have a second cousin living just 5 miles away.  I contacted her and she came to find me.  It was really good and we plan to see each other again.   Another name for the Christmas card list!

The photograph shows the re-developed canal frontage but there is also lots of mooring beside a large park.  The dogs really love this.  The river Cherwell runs through the park.  We have been told this time how to access a reservoir walk and before heading off today we plan to do that.

We are going to Kings Sutton for lunch  …………. this time provided by us …………… to see Mick and Sue whom we met for the 1st time outside Crick 3 years ago.  They had just bought their boat.  They now have their own mooring at Kings Sutton – complete with garden area – I just know I’m going to be jealous!!

That’s not the only thing I’m jealous of!  Retail – John bought some new jeans AND he still fits into the same size that he has worn for years!  Smug g*t!!

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  1. Hi, Angela and John! Just getting caught up this season. (Got a little behind, sorry.)

    I was wondering if you've ever been on the canal off the Ouse River through Selby in North Yorkshire. I have a friend who lives about a block away from it!

    Looking forward to following your great travels this year!

    (Harpic's friend!)