Saturday, 2 April 2011

What’s it all about?

Bridge 144 – Claydon Top Bridge – on the South Oxford canal has a public footpath running right over the top of it.  The footpath actually starts off the road from Lower Boddington to Claydon but, from the tow path that’s about a two mile walk heading away from Claydon.  IF this footpath could be accessed from the tow path at bridge 144 it would enable walkers to go into the lovely little village of Claydon avoiding the road.  There is no longer a shop or a pub but there is a fascinating little museum of ‘bygones’ and it’s accompanying tea room!

I say IF.  It would mean walking about 3 metres across land which is not on the footpath in order to access the footpath and the landowner clearly does not want that!

barbed wire 003


The path cannot be accessed from the north ……….

                                                  The path cannot be accessed from the south  …………                               

                                    barbed wire 006

  War has been declared!                      Why oh why?

Is it simply that he/she (!) is a mean-minded old git or has his/her (!) few metres of land been so badly vandalised and abused by walkers in the past?  I really would like to know the details of the story to explain why a few metres of land need to be protected by the utilisation of so much barbed wire.  This landowner has obviously watched lots of prisoner of war films!

  So sad!

We are now at Cropredy.  Rodney is delivering our post tomorrow and the least I can do is to provide him with roast beef and all the trimmings followed by steamed treacle pud and custard!!!!  That’s the good intention anyway!

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