Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Dire Situation

wine 001


This is our wine rack!

Say no more!!

Thank goodness we are now back at Crick Marina and have access to the Co-op!

Staying here for the Easter weekend.  Rodney is coming up to see us and bring our mail.  Megan is coming too to see both us and Maisie.  There is a barbecue at the marina on Sunday so that will give us an opportunity to meet some other moorers.  Lots to do to get ready for the ‘off’ in the van on Tuesday.  Then …….. the weather will change!!


  1. That's not a wine rack, it's a crisis!

  2. "Rose," Admiral Rogers wont like that!!
    Course, if you bend him over, you'll have perfect storage for one additional bottle

  3. That's what I love about you always so positive

  4. Tell the Toad I said 'ello! Good sailing!

  5. Neat idea Del. When not storing the additional bottle we could leave the empties there or use the orifice to unscrew a new one! Could also stick any thing there that we didn't want or at least tell him where to stick it! Endless possibilities!!