Saturday, 9 April 2011

Finding a Hen’s Tooth

I knew I would be jealous of the afore-mentioned mooring!  I knew it would be nice but ……. it’s even lovelier than I imagined!

mick and sue 011

This is the view from the canal bridge.

Mick and Sue (jammy little …….doughnut's!) have acquired the one residential mooring attached to the barn-conversion property owned by a really nice couple.

mick and sue 013

They have their own small garden complete with a small shed and a ‘summer-house’ (actually a larger shed but really nice.)  It’s all about being in the right place at the right time!  Everything’s come right for them and we are so pleased for them.  This is definitely a hen’s tooth!

They can sit outside on their decking and enjoy the sunshine.  They have parking for their car and Mick is able to pick up a bit of work as and when he needs to.

mick and sue 023                     mick and sue 005

mick and sue 004

You could be forgiven thinking that this is the resident garden gnome but actually, it’s Mick – the acquisition of a shed when you haven’t had one for a while is an extremely important event!

When we come back next year I want to see a small brewery operating within!  I also want to see a vegetable patch and a couple of chickens!  How about a goat?

We walked across the vast, lush meadows to the nearby village of Kings Sutton.  A lovely village but much bigger than I was expecting – 3 pubs, a primary school, a post-office and a small co-op and a magnificent old church.

      mick and sue 017                                mick and sue 016

The river Cherwell runs through this big meadow and, believe it or not, when the river is in flood, all of this land is under water!

mick and sue 020

The property the other side of the bridge is lovely too and has a small, beautifully landscaped camp site attached.  On Friday nights a fish and chip van calls so Mick & Sue, us and Phil & Sylvia (boating friends of Mick & Sue) got fish and chips and we all sat on the tow path by Phil & Sylvia’s boat eating and drinking …………….. like you do! Colin & Louise, who own the barn and it’s adjoining land, came to join us for a while.  It was a lovely, lovely evening and so what being a boater is all about.

How could you not be envious of this set-up?  As I say ………….. a hen’s tooth.

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