Monday, 18 April 2011

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

Weatherwise the weekend has been really lovely and here, between Napton Junction and Braunston, the canal has been that busy.

stepping across 014

stepping across 013

We have stayed put and watched the pandemonium!

John took the opportunity to repair the sill of the remaining window.  At long last, after about 18 months of carrying it around, we will be able to dispose of the wooden cover.  It has served well but has been taking up too much room in the bedroom where it was stored when not in use.

Still, 9/9 windows now done. Good job. Thumbs up


“Things Ain’t Wot They Used to Be ….”

So much changes over time and this includes the canal system.  Even since we’ve been boating we’ve experienced constant change.  I suppose the most obvious are:-

  • the huge increase in  the number of marinas and their growing sophistication
  • the re-development of old wharfs and derelict areas – now mostly residential homes
  • the rising costs of everything to do with boating!

Every now and then we meet a seasoned, experienced boater who tells us that boating today isn’t as good as it used to be due to there now being a different breed of boater on the cut.  Apparently the ‘new’ * boaters (and I guess we are amongst them seeing as we have only had our boat eight years) are not so friendly and helpful as their older counterparts.  Sad smile   Maybe …. just maybe …… there is an element of another change taking place here.  Maybe …….. just maybe ……… they themselves are getting older, less tolerant, grumpier, less adaptable and more arrogant??!!  Time to give up and get a campervan or caravan I’d say – mind you, campsites are not without their politics!  Only very rarely do we meet other boaters who are anything but sociable and obliging.

Cushion covers for Sandra’s Inspection ………stepping across 016

stepping across 015

They’ve been a long time in the process but here they are!  Done! 

I know we originally thought about bordering them with red ribbon but, when I tried it, there was insufficient room.

It’s certainly different from putting them in picture frames – it will remain to be seen how well they fare.

*This puts me in mind of remote places like the Scottish Islands where, even if you’ve lived there for 50 years, not being born and bred there, you are still an ‘in-comer’!

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  1. Cushion covers..... brilliant! They look lovely well done you xxxxx