Thursday, 28 April 2011


About 20 years ago I saw a lovely calendar picture of a place in Yorkshire called Staithes and I’ve waited all that time to get there.  Today, I got there!  It was well worth the walk down to the village.

Staithes 022

Sandstone cliffs rise over a steep little valley which is crowded with the rooftops of the quirky village houses.  Seagulls really love the rooftops!  Staithes 020……………

All the houses are really higgledy-piggledy and are connected by countless alleyways and steps.  The village was once a thriving fishing port …………….. now most of the quirky little cottages seemed to be holiday lets – empty holiday lets!!  Unlike Whitby, it was eerily empty of people! (When we attempted to park up in Whitby earlier in the day it was heaving!)

It was really lovely but could do with an injection of money to smarten some of the buildings up a bit.  Apparently the young James Cook watched passing ships from Staithes’  harbour.

Staithes 012

Staithes 016

This cottage – three bedrooms  - is for sale.  It is in the region of £150.000.




Staithes 018

Tiny harbour entrance.

Seagulls (as in Herring Gulls!) -  have no fear ………… and no respect ………….. for humans or parked vehicles!

Staithes 009We are now on a campsite called “Bunnyland” – NOT a good place to bring Maggie.  At least it’s the ‘B’ word and not the ‘R’ word!!  The baby goats are simply gorgeous!

Tomorrow we must get a wiggle on  and get some miles behind us – heading for Bamburgh in Northumberland.  Let’s hope this lovely weather holds out.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time xx

  2. I would rather watch you wiggle Ange than John!!!!!

  3. I have to admit to being rather jealous that you've got off the cut for a little while - it looks fabulous